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Lets make a difference

A lot of us are very passionate about the natural world around us. We all try play our part. Whether that be supporting charities, living an eco friendly lifestyle or volunteering our time.
We live in such an extraordinary world, where a diverse array of weird and wonderful species come together to create a complex ecosystems that make life on earth possible. Our natural world is under great threat though and we must act now before it is to late.
I have been thinking about this for a while now and researching many charities. I have wanted to contribute and play my part. So I have decided to donate $2 from each of my sales to a chosen charity each month. Each month I will share what has been raised and what charity I have chosen to donate to. Last month's (June) I calculated $2 from each sale and we have raised $32 and I chose the Charity @faunafloraint who are dedicated to protecting our planets threatened wildlife and habitats. Today I donated to this amazing charity and added $10. I know $42 doesn't seem like a lot but every little but counts. I am to going to concentrate on making more conscious decisions and efforts to protect our beautiful planet, wildlife and their habitats.
I look forward to sharing this journey with you all. You to with each purchase will be helping making a difference. 🙏